Criteria for Entries

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  1.  Poems, short stories, paintings, drawings, photos, craftwork, etc;  telling/showing what people love best about their   community
  2.  It’s not a competition – recognition will be given for all appropriate submissions (either on the mosaic itself, or in a   publication of all submissions, or a virtual e-book, etc.)
  3. By submitting something, the author/artist gives us permission to publish and present; each entrant will be asked to sign a statement, saying they understand all the rules as laid out on the web site
  4. All entries will be reviewed by the Lambton Mosaic Project Committee members for the appropriateness to the project
  5. Phone or e-mail the Project Co-ordinator, Kathryn Evans – to set up apt:  226 886 1329; or [email protected]

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