About the Project

Lambton Mosaic Project

Contributions for the Lambton Mosaic Project can now be submitted.  All project details and criteria can be found on the LMP website:Lambtonmosaic.com

All fourteen communities (11 Municipalities and 3 First Nations Communities) are integral to the success of this project – which is to engage the community in the creation of a mosaic of the map of Lambton County.

The map will show all of the Municipalities and Communities.  It will display creations of artistic and literary contributions of what people love best about their local communities – drawings, paintings, photos, poems, crafts, and short stories are among the creations to be included.

Tying in perfectly with the branding of Lambton County’s “Discoveries that Matter“, this project will bring the community together to celebrate what people are most proud of, and encourage everyone to communicate in a form most comfortable to them.

It will provide an opportunity to inspire and motivate people to better integrate, communicate, and promote cultural arts, literary arts, and education, through a very creative and sustainable project.

The mosaic will offer great exposure to the contributors, as the completed works will also be showcased on a website.

An unveiling event is planned for July 1st ., 2017 to showcase the Lambton Mosaic Project, recognizing the community partners and contributors, while at the same time, honouring the 150th birthday of Confederation.

LMP has been awarded a 2014 grant from the Lambton County Creative Fund (LCCF) and they will be seeking further funding from future LCCF intakes, along with requests for funding from our community partners, to sustain the entire project through to completion.

The six-member ‘Need to Read’ Committee (established through Organization for Literacy in Lambton) spearheaded this Confederation project to honour Canada’s 150th birthday – July 1st., 2017.

To Schedule an interview, please Contact:  Kathryn Evans, Project Co-ordinator, at 226 886 1329 or email:  [email protected]

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